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23 March 2016 @ 08:54 pm
ENG - [Yaotome/Inoo/Yabu] - S.H.I.E.L.D's Subdivision Agents - Scope  

Title :S.H.I.E.L.D's Subdivision Agents
Second Title :Scope (sequel to S.H.I.E.L.D's Subdivision Agents)
Pairing(s)/Fandom :Yaotome Hikaru, Inoo Kei, Yabu Kota - I don't even know / MARVEL Cinematic Universe x Sensations (Hey!Say!JUMP)
Author : ma_rendezvous
Genre : SCI-FI, AU, action
Rating : PG
Warning : There are many things I don't follow regarding guns and weapon, so some details might be incorrect. Also, major warning on Marvel Cinematic Universe's spoiler especially Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Disclaimer : Of course Marvel owns the basic story. I have the improvisation like always. The rests are idols, everyone owns these idols. Ha ha!

Yabu Kota, known with his code name, Scope, was the best sniper in S.H.I.E.L.D. Japan Subdivision.

S.H.I.E.L.D's Subdivision Agents
- oneshot -

Yabu Kota, known with his code name, Scope, was the best sniper in S.H.I.E.L.D. Japan Subdivision. His special skill was gun combat, the presentage of his shooting accuracy was more than 100% if possible. He was a level 6 espionage agent and apparently in consideration of promotion to level 7, which could only mean one thing: he almost had the same level with the Hawkye and Black Widow—and Grant Ward, of course, if only he hadn’t betrayed S.H.I.E.L.D. and been a scum for the institution in the first place. When Nick Fury was still the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Yabu was often called to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s flying first office—the Helicarrier—to fill in important missions. He was the pride of Japan subdivision and was an almost flawless agent; almost, because, no matter how cold blooded he could be, by the end of the day he’s only human, a human with heart, a heart with desire to love and be loved, as well as to feel anger inside of himself.

The left-handed sniper walked into Inoo Kei’s lab with a stem of red rose on his dominant hand. He had been working for the Subdivision long enough to fool all the security system installed all around the building, thus it was Inoo’s invention so he knew every weaknesses of every cameras, cencors, and passwords, so he could enter the laboratory with ease. Besides, it was indeed as if Yabu acted like a stalker, which was illegal in the country, but he’s also sure Inoo wouldn’t mind after all.

It was almost dawn and nobody was inside the apparently pitch black room. The tall agent stood still in the doorway before taking his steps to the left side of the room, approaching a desk with two teddy bears sitting on it. Yabu switched on the study lamp and stared at the teddy bears with such gentle eyes in which he barely showed to other people. He even smiled lovingly while touching an ear of the smaller teddy bear, before placing his flower in its arms. His wandering hand, however, landed on a folder with the word ‘Inhuman’ stamped on the cover. When he opened the folder, the first file was that of a profile of a new agent in the Subdivision. It was Yaotome Hikaru’s, an inhuman with extraordinary flaming ability, the one who was asked by Yamada Ryosuke—the Subdivision’s Commander—to be a field agent himself, and remembering the fire guy made Yabu’s smile dropped into a small frown, because eversince the fire guy was saved and brought to the lab by Inoo, he almost never left the geek’s side.

But it didn’t matter now; he could deal with the new recruit later. The only thing matters now was to kill Mori Chihiro, the younger brother of Mori Toshiro, one of the heads of HYDRA in Japan, who was killed during S.H.I.E.L.D.’s aggression in Okinawa. Since the day his brother died, Chihiro had been trying to revive HYDRA in the country, and his movement was so smooth and hidden very well under the legally signed yakuza organization, making him as sleek as an eel in the water. And Yabu frowned even deeper. His eyes flased red in anger, and as his breathing grew heavier like he’s going crazy. With one swift movement he turned on his heels, leaving the laboratory and walking fast into the other wing of the building, to an emergency room in the medical center, where Yaotome was sleeping while sitting on a chair, his head rested on the wall behind him, his arms rested on his chest, and his forehead frowned in his restless sleep, and Inoo, who was unconscious a couple of feet away from him, his body laid half-dead on a matress with lots of tubes and cables connected to his body, the sound of the heart monitor the only sign signified that he’s still alive.

Yabu stood unmoving as cold as an iceberg to the matress’ left side, his eyes under his bang perfectly hidden in the shadow. He had been a cold blooded agent even way before he joined S.H.I.E.L.D.—his background as an assasin during his adolsence developed his emotionless character from the very beginning—but he had never been as dead as he was today. Inoo was probably the only person who gave him back his heart; Inoo was probably the only one in the world who made him feel a lot more like a human; Inoo was the one who made him able to feel love and be loved again. But he wasn’t there when Inoo was assigned to a mission. He wasn’t there to protect his Inoo, and he’s mad at himself because he should have known better about this. Now that Inoo was lying half dead with his left leg completely broken, his ribs almost fractured into pieces, and his upper right shoulder full of stitches of reckless shots—which were caused by Mori Chihiro and his subordinates during an aggression to HYDRA’s new base two days earlier—the demon inside of Yabu was unleashed, and people would wonder, where did the gentle hearted Yabu go again?

“Good morning, Scope.” A voice greeted him. Yabu was not at all surprised, because he had been aware of the other male’s presence since he entered the emergency room.

“Doctor,” The sniper turned his face to a side and greeted back. He could see from the corner of his eyes the figure of Inoo’s co-lab worker, Chinen Yuri, a twenty-two year old male who finished his doctoral degree in biology when he’s twenty. The young doctor was wearing his trademark white laboratory coat, and somehow at this hour, he had a glass of coffee in his dominant left hand.

“You’re going now?” Chinen asked, standing next to Yabu and glanced at the sniper’s fisted palm. Though Chinen’s height was only half of Yabu’s and Yabu’s figure itself was quite intimidating, Chinen could always feel safe whenever he’s under the older’s shadow, especially when Inoo was there around them, even when the pretty engineer was unconscious. Because Yabu kept his promise to Inoo, and one of his promises was to not hurt any of their friends in the Subdivision. “And you’re not going to use the I.C.E.R.s either?”

No.” Yabu’s fists became tighter that it made a horrible cracking sound, and Chinen could only watch it as Yabu walked away from them. Before Scope vanished from Chinen’s sight, he stopped in the doorway and swore in front of the curious doctor with his eyes crimson in anger. “They ought to taste blood in their mouths, whether it’s theirs or their friends’.”


Phil Coulson as the new director had made a new regulation for all S.H.I.E.L.D. field agents to use I.C.E.R.s only during combat, so that they wouldn’t kill anyone who might not be completely guilty in the execution process. There were special cases where they were allowed to use real guns with real bullets, including missions where they oughtto terminate the accused. Other cases were personal, yet every commanders of every S.H.I.E.L.D. subdivisions in the world had warned all their agents about its as personal consequences, including badge’s takedown and dismissal. However, the incidental aggression to HYDRA’s new base in the far west end of Tokyo had resulted in five deaths of the Subdivision’s agents and two downs—including Inoo, and Yamada as the Commander, who eventually lost his control when Yabu confronted him about assigning the geeky engineer in the field (Inoo isn’t a field agent, as Yabu had insisted), had shooed away Yabu from his room, yelling that the sniper could just do whatever he like for the sake of his partner.

And so, since it’s Yabu Kota, of course he’d take full advantage of it.

The tall brunet entered the weapon room and walked fast past the I.C.E.R. storage. There was a room only the science division members could access, but since Inoo was the head of the division as well as the inventors of all the weapons—including the redesigned I.C.E.R.s used by Japan Subdivision agents—saved in the room, Yabu could easily access into it too. The blue room was pretty much isolated, but Yabu could easily find the right shelf and cabinet to go.

Imediately, Yabu took off his shirt and pants and put on a bulletproof vest on his torso. He then covered his whole body with S.H.I.E.L.D.’s jet black bulletproof uniform, before putting a pair of black leather gloves on his both hands. He took a G17 modeled semi-automatic standard revolver and its suppressor and put it in the left side of his belt, a G25 modeled compact revolver and put it on his back, G30 and G36 modeld subcompact revolvers and put them in his left and right side knee pockets, then some cartridge magazines—with 9x19, 360 Auto, 45 Auto, and a couple of special 110 g, and a magazine filled with special cartridge made of the same component with Inoo’s net bazooka—off of the cabinet and saved them inside all ammunition pockets on his uniform. A pair of flick blades—in which one could sweep into a full length sword—were slid into both his left and right safety jet black boots. And lastly, he approached the rifle shelf and took a certain rifle scope which had been half of his soul since the day he started working for S.H.I.E.L.D.; it was a near one-meter length Inoo’s very first rifle gun, with a technologically advanced scope attached on its top. Almost all of its parts, however, had some scratches due to previous combats. The rifle scope was a present from Inoo when he was first appointed as the head of Science division, two weeks after his was recruited. Yabu laid the old rifle on a table near him and began removing its part, before putting all of them carefully inside his backpack, and he’s ready to go.

His last destination in the whole office was the garage, where all the vehicles owned by agents in the Subdivision were parked. With a swift move Yabu fished out his keys and pressed its automatic button, and the engine of his jet black Ducati 1299 was automatically started. He approached the bike and hop on it and put on a full-faced helmet, and then ran fast towards his demon’s prey.


Before the sun even rose, the Sniper arrived at an old dockyard where old, rusty containers were left abandoned in the far northeast coast of Chiba Prefecture—he had forced Yuto to share him their location, because the intel wouldn’t voluntarily share it if the Commander hadn’t agreed and made it into the Subdivision’s official mission. He parked his Ducati far from sight, then went straight to an abandoned office on his nine. Yabu managed to make it into the building with ease, with only taking down three people barehandedly and quietly under the shadow. On empty fifth floor of the building and from behind a wall in the darkness of dawn, however, he saw a watchman guarding the perimeter, wandering near the hollow window with a rifle in hands. Yabu checked on his surrounding and found five more watchmen armed with the same weapons, so he fished out his biggest revolver and put a suppressor on its head. With extra caution and his pair of sharp eyes, Yabu aimed his gun on the guy on his three, and shot him dead on the temple. The suppressor made the gun silent, so it didn’t build suspicion on the other five watchmen, making it a perfect momentum for Yabu to shot dead other two guards who stood far from each other on the head.

Two guards were chatting carelessly when the last watchmen was shot dead and fell limp and lifelessly onto the floor only feets away from them, and so Yabu made use of their recklesness to shot dead the one wearing a hat. The sudden death of his partner left the last watchman shocked and panicked and aimed his rifle to the darkness, but as he grope on his radio, Yabu managed to kill him too before he could contact anyone and tell them there’s an intruder coming their way.

The floor was made clean and Yabu walked casually to the window. He squatted on one knee and watched the dockyard cautiously. There was another building on the far end of the dockyard, and the sniper’s quite sure that it’s used as their main office. Though Yuto was pretty sure Chihiro was hiding there, even if he couldn’t find him in the end, at least, as Yabu had thought, he would find any commanders there and force them to tell him Chihiro’s current location. Then Yabu started unpacking his own rifle scope and setting it up, completed with the slim tripod as its cantilever and the scope on its top. With years of experience, the ritual was done quickly in less than five minutes. As he looked through the scope, he then caught at least seven men guarding the older building two hundred feets away, which was not as tall as the one he’s standing at the moment. Each of the men were standing on different places, but still in the range of his shot.

And so, first shot was released.

Then the second.

Followed by other five shots, and all their snipers were taken down.

The situation created a certain panic and other guards were dashing out of the main building to the open yard; they spread and dispered, half of their total hid behind some rusty containers on every corners of the open. They hadn’t known where Yabu’s location was, and were probably still thinking that the building Yabu was setting in was still guarded by their watchmen. And so, without taking time, Yabu drew a bead on every head he could with his scope and shot them dead one after another until he was running out of his first pack of ammunition. The time he reloaded his rifle, the remaining guard had noticed where he was shooting from. They ran towards the building fully armed, and Yabu could only shot dead another couple of the guards who were left behind.

Clicking his tongue, Yabu stood up and fished out his revolver he previously set a suppressor with and walked into the darkest spot in the room that he could find. Calmly, he loaded his gun and pressed his back against the wall, waiting for any sound of indication of their arrival.

Three men came into the room at once with revolvers on their hands, looking for whoever was making a mess in their base. But Yabu was hiding in the dark watching them, his breathing calm and low that nobody would ever notice that he’s in fact inside the room. He’d been calculating and waiting for the right time to shot them, and once he was sure nobody would walk in anymore, he stretched his left hand forward and shot dead the three of them right in the head. He then walked to the stairs and was about to go down when he saw another armed man suddenly pointing a gun at him. But Yabu was trained and fast, and as he’s way faster than the man, he shot him dead before the guy had the time to pull the trigger. Yabu’s way down the stairs was somehow clear, but then suddenly there were shots following him and he had to roll over to protect himself. He jumped down with one swift motion and landed on his knees and purposefully shot his shooter on the thigh. As the guy fell to the floor crooning in pain, Yabu shot his head. The suppressor did its work to muffle the sound of his gun, so it didn’t attract any attention.

Yabu shot another man with his last bullet and he hid behind a wall to reload his gun with a new magazine. Before he could finish reloading, however, a guy was approaching him like crazy and locked Yabu’s hands, the magazine fell onto the floor with a clang. Groaning, Yabu pushed the guy hard against the wall and kicked him with his knee then threw him until he landed on his back on the floor. Yabu then locked the man’s hands with one hand and the other stealing the revolver the man was keeping in his pocket and then shot him on the head. In the process, he killed two other men who dared approaching him on the same place; their heads.

The S.H.I.E.L.D.'s sniper then stood up and took his fallen magazine before reloading it into his own revolver. He coldly walked out of the building and into the other building where Chihiro was hiding in his nest, as he heartlessly murdered everyone on his way without consideration. These men must be Chihiro’s underlings; they all had HYDRA’s tattoo on their necks, stupid enough to be noticed easily. But they didn’t matter.

What matters right now was to kill Mori Chihiro, the one who had put Inoo Kei into the Subdivision’s Emergency Room half dead.


Inoo woke up that morning, almost without feeling anything in his unmoving body. He looked to the right and saw Hikaru sitting on a chair while reading a music magazine, his eyes hazy and a bit puffy for the lack of sleep he had, his arms covered in long black gloves with metal rings Inoo had invented to suppress the flame. He felt his throat sore and dry that he couldn’t speak, but in his attempt on talking he coughed instead, drawing Hikaru’s attention to him. The fire guy became aware of Inoo’s condition and immediately approached him, his eyes wide in surprise.

“Inoo-chan, you’re awake!” Hikaru chimed almost innocently like a child, and Inoo could see the relief in the other’s eyes. The brunet pushed the red button next to Inoo’s head a couple of times impatiently; he just couldn’t wait for the doctor to come to the ER any longer. Hikaru then helped lifting half of the matress so that Inoo could sit up, and was being gentle all the time.


A moment later, Chinen and Yuto came into the room at the same time. Chinen immediately checked all the things in Inoo, incluidng his heart pulse and everything else. He also touched Inoo’s shoulder precisely where he had been shot a couple of times. For some reason, Inoo couldn’t feel anything—not the slightest he felt hurt. His leg was supposed to be broken but he could still move it with ease. Did Chinen give him a lot of morphines? Yet again, he’s dealing with the doctor.

Besides, Chinen Yuri was a specialized geneticist. He could repair human body easily like Inoo could repair his invented weapons.

“How are you feeling? Do you still feel hurt anywhere?” Chinen asked, but Inoo couldn’t think of himself at the moment. “I recreated your tissues so your shoulder should be as new as you’re reborned. And the rays I invented should have been able to fix your broken leg. Right now you might not feel pain because I gave you some medicines already. You’re gonna be a hundred percent healed in three days.”

“Yabu—where’s Yabu?” Without even listening to what Chinen had said, Inoo asked instead.

Chinen was hesitant for a moment, before daring to answer, “He’s trying to take down Mori Chihiro by himself.”

Inoo’s eyes grew wide in disbelief. Mori Chihiro had just killed three of their friends and yet now Yabu was going to his nest all alone?

“Is he commiting suicide or what?!” With a flashing anger and eyebrows furrowed, Inoo yelled, almost standing off of his matress. “Call him back!”

“Commander gave him the permission,” Yuto added right off. “And he cut all communication device so we can’t contact him. I’ve tried to contact him like five hundred times this past three hours.”

“He’s using real guns?”

“Actually, yes,” Yuto said, a bit cold-sweating because it was him who found all I.C.E.R.s were still in place, and the retired rifle gun in the isolated cabinet had gone.


“But he’s good with this, right?” Yuto tried to break the ice. He laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head, but nobody laughed with him in return. “I mean he used to be an assasin. He’s trained in Russia; he’s like our Baba Yaga.”

“No, that’s not it, you don’t understand,” Inoo’s voice became even weaker, cracking like he’s about to cry, but his heart beat faster than it usually did. He stared at Yuto with his eyes glassy, a beg for Yuto to understand the real situation—to ask Yabu to retreat, because he was scared for the sniper. Inoo supposed nobody had reported on his mission to Commander yet so nobody acknowledged what was actually happening. Inoo remembered the time Chihiro’s hands became metalic silver and solid in a blink of an eye before he threw him off the second floor and crushed his leg before he lost his consciousness, and the fear in his eyes when those hands crushed the other two agents’ heads until they died came back. “Mori Chihiro is an inhuman!”

And Hikaru, the only inhuman in the room, who had been listening quietly in a corner, standing straight up, agape, his eyes wide in surprise.


Yabu fell off the ground, rolling, his temple and lips bleeding. He tried to get on his knees with the support of his left hand. His right palm was holding up his stomach, the pain couldn’t be helped. Spitting the blood in his mouth, with anger and hatred visible in his eyes, Yabu death-glared Mori Chihiro, who was standing tall and proud with all of his body colored in silver. The yakuza tattoo on his back adorning his metalic abdomen, and the smirk on his face worse than any of Yabu’s past enemies. Chihiro walked intimidatingly, approaching Yabu, looking down on the agent like he’s on top of the world.

“You think you can kill me, you fool?” With ease, Chihiro almost effortlessly swung his feet and kicked Yabu like he’s kicking a ball in a match game. Yabu was then overthrown feets away, and yet Chihiro kept on approaching him. “We’re gonna raise HYDRA. We’re gonna take the highest place in the world. You are nothing in comparison.”

The metal man lifted his right foot and about to step on Yabu’s body, but Yabu made a time to roll and saved himself from being crushed to pieces. His body felt like burning and everything hurt—in addition, he had been shot on the upper left arm and left thigh, making it quite hard for him to move freely. Yabu had also been feeling like he was about to die, with lots of blood-loss and his consciousness degrading little by little—but all he could think about was just he ought to take down Mori Chihiro. Being a inhuman as well as the head of a criminal organization as he was was enough reason, and being the one hurting Inoo was an addition for Yabu to hate him enough. As the metal inhuman attempted to hit him, with a little more effort, Yabu took his remaining flick blade and pushed a button, transforming it into a full-length sword and cut Chihiro’s right arm, making him tottering backward in disbelief. Yabu thanked Inoo for a moment for making such an advanced weapon before tackling unstabled Chihiro until he fell forward. God knows what gave him the strength, but Yabu made it to roll Chihiro on his back and lock his movement by sitting on top of his torso and chocking him hard. The sniper then fished out a revolver and pointed it to Chihiro’s forehead.

“I just recently found out that I’m made of metal. And therefore you can’t kill me!” Chihiro smugly spit on Yabu. He laughed like a maniac. “I don’t even bleed anymore!”

“Oh, really?” This time, it was Yabu who smirked, his demonic eyes flashing in a somewhat excitement before shooting him three times on the forehead.


At first it didn’t affect Chihiro and he only laughed because the bullet didn’t penetrate his metalic skin. But slowly, his metal skin turned back into ordinary human’s form and he became panicked immediately. The hand that had been slashed by Yabu was now bleeding, and he began screaming because it’s very much painful. Chuckling darkly, Yabu strided his foot on Chihiro’s wrist and fished back his special cartridged revolver into his belt, then took out his last revolver with the biggest caliber and pointed it back onto Chihiro's cold-sweated forehead.

“I’ve been living in hell long enough, I know how to melt metals.”


With a single shot right in the middle of the forehead, Chihiro was dead with eyes open.

The room was all silent, and as terrifying as it was, Yabu could hear his own running heartbeat. Standing up wasn’t easy for him at the moment, yet he managed to drag his feet to the entrance of the abandoned building.

Hurt, everything was hurt and he felt like dying.

He tried to contact the Subdivision with his radio, but when Yuto’s voice was heard in his earplug, Yabu fell unconscious.


“Why does it take you three days to cure him while you can cure me in like twelve hours?”

“I don’t know, maybe my devices just don’t like him. It all depends.” Chinen shrugged, playing with a pencil in his left hand, tapping it onto his notebook. “Or maybe it’s because you’re only half dead while he’s like three-quarter dead. He’s sent back to the Subdivision with body like a jelly; completely boneless. And he killed a metalic inhuman! Do you think Daisy will forgive him for that?”

Inoo rolled his eyes. He pushed his study chair backward and stood up. As he took off his white lab coat and put it on his chair, his eyes landed on the darkening rose on one of his teddy bear’s arms. And then he chuckled shyly to himself, imagining Yabu sneaking into his laboratorium at midnight only to put a red rose on his smallest teddy bear, something that he always did before his every missions. Exhaling, Inoo took his ID card lying on his desk before taking steps away from his lab-mate.

“I don’t know. If she’s not busy, I’ll try to convince her it’s for our own good. I mean, they’ll do the same with inhuman HYDRA, right?” Inoo answered as he opened the door to his laboratory, ready to leave Chinen alone in the room full of their scientific inventions to visit Scope—Yabu Kota—who had just reported awake in the Medical Center, on the other wing of the Subdivision.

“Hey, Inoo-chan.” Chinen called, and Inoo stopped right on his track and gave the doctor his attention. Chinen had this concerned expression that left the geeky S.H.I.E.L.D. engineer perplexed. Not only a pure concern, it felt as if Chinen was actually afraid of something; in which he barely did. “You should tell Hikaru whatever you’re having with Yabu, you know.”

The engineer then burst into laughter like a maniac all of a sudden. His meaningful yet mysterious facial expression, however, couldn't be interpreted by the young doctor.

Before leaving the room, Inoo answered loudly, “Nah, it's fine! Yabu didn't even do that for me! He's a demon. He kills for sport.”

*-* FIN *-*

A/N :
- Baba Yaga is literally translated as the Boogeyman. I was refering to how this image is strong with Russian killers/witches/mafias so I'm portraying Yabu, who as Yuto told been trained in Russia, as this scary boogeyman who can kill anyone cold-bloodedly. Also, I was refering to John Wick XD
- ICER is an abbreviation of Incapacitating Cartridge Emitting Railgun, in Agents of SHIELD it can't kill so yeah, consider it a safe weapon. ICERs are invented by Leo Fitz, and in this fanfic it is Inoo who reinvented it and made a huge improvisation of it (I mean he's "the geek", right?) XD
- What else can I explain? I dunno, this time I don't have that much reference :/
- If you have anything you're confused about please ask me!
- I like all basic information about Sensations. I like the idea of assassin version of them, but I prefer them being a bunch of professional spies who can actually kill, with actual guns, and not looking lame like they already are in real X""DDD
- And why is this still considered oneshot? I still don't want any commitment to this that's why.
- Last stop, I hope you enjoy this piece of s**t!! I'm sorry if I destroy Sensations' image, please don't hate me :"(((

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