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25 April 2014 @ 07:30 am
ENG - [ShizuoxIzaya] - 1 Sentence Challenge  
Fandom : Durarara!!
Pairing : Shizuo Heiwajima x Izaya Orihara
Title : Hidden Messages
Theme Set : Epsilon
Rating : PG - NC17
Warning[s] : un-beta-ed, unedited
Notes :
- My 3rd time posting for
- Have just finished this challenge A DAY before its expire day. OTL
- Yeah, let's all celebrate the new Durarara!! anime which (said) will be aired this summer!! Woo-hoo!

Hidden Messages
1 sentence challenge

#01 – Motion
Those delicate hands were on his face, one on his cheek, one on his neck, but nothing close to attempt of killing him, and Shizuo had his palms caressing the ravenette’s sides, slowly, so slowly, and their breaths linger, and at the moment, they owned the world.

#02 – Cool
No, Shizuo wouldn’t go rage if it wasn’t because of Izaya’s doing.

#03 – Young
When Shizuo was much younger, he wished to meet someone who could supress his anger, yet now when he became a young adult, he was grateful that instead of meeting his wished person, he had Izaya with him, a person who could deal with his anger.

#04 – Last
Both of them knew, they just knew, that they were meant for each other forever.

#05 – Wrong
The human-est time Izaya ever had was when he realized he had miscalculated thing; when Shizuo confessed he loved him after they destroyed the whole Ikebukuro.

#06 – Gentle
For a man with a power like a real Hulk, except for his handsome appearance rather than being a green and giant thing, Izaya wondered how Shizuo’s kisses could be this gentle.

#07 – One
“Did you just say I was your first love?” Shizuo smirked to the blushing ravenette, one of his eyebrows lifted amusedly.

#08 – Thousand
Instead of joining the crowd in the summer festival on the street, Shizuo and Izaya enjoyed being alone in the forest, and while waiting for the fireworks, the both of them danced with thousands of fireflies flying around them beautifully.

#09 – King
Shizuo hated it, he hated Izaya’s shogi board, he hated the three kings on it, and since he hated it so much, he just threw the board and its pawns out of the window of Izaya’s loft apartment.

#10 – Learn
Izaya didn’t know since when he learnt to cook sweets, because once he realized what he was doing, he had made a dozen of cupcakes varied in color for Shizuo.

#11 – Blur
The first time Izaya cried was when he got a nightmare about killing Shizuo with his own hands and it felt so real, so heartbreaking, and he cried harder when he heard the older’s voice on the other line of the phone, felt confused yet relieved that Shizuo was still alive and complete.

#12 – Wait
“Even if it means I have to wait for you forever,” Shizuo said, half whispering, his tone trembling, and he took some steps back, and left Izaya agape in the dark alley.

#13 – Change
Eversince they were together, well, not together together, Izaya slowly became more human; he did soliloquy less, he played with people less, he even drank black coffee less.

#14 – Command
“Don’t go,” It didn’t sound like a request, it sounded more like an order, because he’s Izaya, but when Shizuo stared at him, his walls broke down all at once and he couldn’t help himself but to comply, going back onto bed and coverd Izaya’s lithe body with his strong arms.

#15 – Hold
It’s warm, Shizuo’s embrace is warm, and Izaya loves it, he loves it so much, but he says nothing about it.

#16 – Need
The kiss grows passionate, their bodies pressed against each other close, and closer, and closer, and they keep kissing as Shizuo pushes Izaya onto the bed with need.

#17 – Vision
The damned v-neck which reveals his collarbone, his silky raven hair, his pointy nose, his thin lips, and the way his long fingers fix his eyeglasses; Shizuo can’t be harder than he already is.

#18 – Attention
There’s only one reason behind Izaya’s attempt to destroy the whole Ikebukuro : to get Shizuo’s attention.

#19 – Soul
Just don’t mess up with Izaya, because he could mess you a lot worse and break your world into pieces if you dared to touch Shizuo; his soulmate.

#20 – Picture
Shizuo chuckles in embarrasment as he stares at his phone monitor; Izaya had just sent him a picture where he’s kissing the blonde on the cheek when he’s asleep.

#21 – Fool
When Shizuo realizes it all, all he can do is cursing himself for being so stupid, before turning on his heels and run and find Izaya to apologize.

#22 – Mad
“I have it enough!!!” Shizuo roars before slamming Izaya’s front door hard, leaving the ravenette agape, a streak of tears hanging in his eyes unnoticed.

#23 – Child
“I want it four,” Izaya says all of a sudden, and Shizuo’s eyes widen when the smaller man continues, “I’ll name them Tsugaru, Sakuraya, Shitsuo, and Hibiya.”

#24 – Now
At the moment, Izaya is helping Shizuo dying his hair with his recommended product.

#25 – Shadow
It’s impossible to catch a shadow, they say, you’re crazy, they say, but they don’t know that Shizuo has caught a shadow in his hand, and he’s kissing him in an alley, a shadow with a fur trimmed coat and lithe body.

#26 – Goodbye
Somehow it’s unusual; unusual for Shizuo to take Izaya to Ikebukuro Station, unusual for Izaya to wave his hand and says, “Bye.”

#27 – Hide
A vending machine that is thrown to him is a hidden message for Izaya that Shizuo is, apparently, in love with him.

#28 – Fortune
Izaya tilted up his head and showed a future prediction paper he got from the shrine with a grin on his face; and Shizuo thought, for a God disbeliever like Izaya, it’s an amusing sight.

#29 – Safe
Shizuo provides him the safest place in the world; his arms.

#30 – Ghost
“I hate horror movies, Shizu-chan, and I suppose you have been aware of that already.”

#31 – Book
“It’s boring,” Shizuo says, after the first chapter of 1Q84, a book Izaya had suggested him to read.

#32 – Eye
They doesn’t look like any normal eyes other humans have, they’re even kind of scary, and abnormal, somehow, but Shizuo finds himself falling so deep to those vermilion eyes of Izaya.

#33 – Never
“Never,” He says as he turns to face Izaya, and holds the smaller guy, who just begged him not to leave him.

#34 – Sing
“Your voice sucks,” The raven haired informant smirked and dodged to the left when Shizuo threw him a vending machine.

#35 – Sudden
Shizuo would suddenly grab him by the wrist and pull him hard, and kiss him when he’s unprepared, and Izaya, though he’s actually feeling happy, would act irritated to that action.

#36 – Stop
Their romp ended in a dark alley, with Shizuo pinning Izaya against a solid, rough brick wall, kissing him hard, and for awhile they let Ikebukuro had its peace.

#37 – Time
The clock felt like ticking no longer, everytime they’re together.

#38 – Wash
Izaya would never allow Shizuo to wash his dinnerware ever again.

#39 – Torn
Izaya disliked a heartbreak, so when he thought Shizuo was cheating on him, he made the whole Ikebukuro scattered into pieces.

#40 – History
“It looks nice now,” Shizuo said, after Izaya asked him about the scar on his chest.

#41 – Power
“I—ZA—YAAA!!!” Shizuo roared as he threw another vending machine to his flea.

#42 – Bother
“Whatever, Shizuo, just get the hell outta here!”

#43 – God
There’s no sane people who claims they’re God while laughing on top of the tallest skyscrapper in a city but Izaya.

#44 – Wall
“Please, move aside,” Izaya said with a smile on his face while, dragging two little boys and keeping them away from a building, and right after that the wall to that building was destructed by the strongest man in Ikebukuro.

#45 – Naked
“You’re beautiful,” Shizuo whispers, and under him, a vulnerable, pale skinned Izaya is turning rosy.

#46 – Drive
Shizuo looks so damn sexy when he’s driving that Izaya couldn’t stop staring at him from the passanger seat.

#47 – Harm
As he stroked Izaya’s side, the blonde promised to himself that he would never let himself harm the younger.

#48 – Precious
One of the most endearing thing about Izaya is, Shizuo thinks, his sincere smile.

#49 – Hunger
“God, Shizu-chan, you’d get diabetes!” Izaya frowned, staring helplessly at his coffee table which was now occupied by lots of sweets on it.

#50 – Believe
He might still not believe in God, but he started to believe that his heart was true, that Shizuo is his first and his last, and nothing would change that.

*-* *-*
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eden vaidorruuu on April 25th, 2014 07:52 am (UTC)


Anyways, I love how you portray them together. Walau ada yang cough mesum cough tapi berhubung saya juga mesum jadi tidak apa apa /slapped.

Is it weird that I stalk your eljay everyday just to wait for a new fic LOL aku kayak creeper;-;
Hotaru: Creep Radioheadma_rendezvous on April 25th, 2014 09:17 am (UTC)

ahahaha arigatooou... r itu wajib nak :v

NO NO NO, you're not creeper, well look at my avatar (=3=)
I love your comments y'knooow <33
and I stalked your blogs too so we're even XDDDD
eden vaidorruuu on April 25th, 2014 10:07 am (UTC)

you're welcome~. mama memang mama yg mesum ya;^; /slapped. btw mama aku norak how do you write things with those slashes sigh i'm so alay norak-3-

HAHAHAHA glad you think I'm not:3. And glad that my comments are somewhat lovable xD.
We stalk each other LOL
Hotaruma_rendezvous on April 26th, 2014 01:30 am (UTC)
bisa jadi XDDDDDDDD
SHIZAYA FTW woooohoooo!!

huh that's shoganai DDX
say we're mutual wwwwwwwwwwww whatamIsaying XDDD