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29 February
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As much as I like writing, I always failed when it comes to introduction, so I’d like to apologize for the beginning. Really, giving example is a pain, that’s what Sakata Gintoki said. But still, hello there. My nick name is Hota, and most of my real life friends call me that way. I’m a lazy bastard who loves food and spends most of her life daydreaming and wishing her extreme fantasies to come true. I indeed like stories of male/male relationship, but I assure you I’m not a fujoshi, thank you very much. Most of the time, I sail in the ships that will sail forever, in which in other words people call it cannon ships. If you found me spacing out somewhere, then I might be thinking about a plot for a yaoi story. Ah, and for no special reasons, I love badassery, and I curse a lot. Plus, you will only find quotes and fanfics and other kinds of writing in this journal and nothing about my life, because that’s what I made this journal for. Last but never least, it’s nice to meet you all!

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