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23 July 2015 @ 08:49 pm
ENG - [YabuxInoo] - Merry-Go-Round Goes 4(b) - Rejection  
Title : Merry-Go-Round Goes
Chapter : 4(b)/8
Pairing(s)/Fandom : Yabu Kota x Inoo Kei / Hey! Say! JUMP, NEWS, Kisumai, more to come
Author : ma_rendezvous
Genre : AU. Romance
Rating : NC-17
Warning : Explicit content. Dirty words. Slight mention of use of drugs. A paraphrased version of Pretty Woman (1991)
Disclaimer : The main story belongs to Garry Marshall's team. I have the improvisations and other things. The rests are idols, everyone owns these idols. Ha ha!
A/N : Here is the second part.

Summary : Based on the movie, Pretty Woman, here Inoo Kei is living a life as a hooker in Shinjuku Ni Chome, the infamous district for queers in the whole Tokyo. And one day, he met his fate; his prince, who happens to be a very wealthy businessman named Yabu Kota. It's just that with him, everything goes unlooked-for.

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Merry-Go-Round Goes
— Chapter 4 —
Part (b)

Inoo was fidgeting as they entered the front door of the secret restaurant. Hell, he had lived in Shinjuku for years already, yet if he didn’t met Yabu days ago, certainly he wouldn’t ever know that such restaurant actually existed. Aronia de Takazawa only opened when there’s at least a single reservation, and the whole front building looking more like a modern house rather than an actual restaurant. The interior was very exclusive, with many wooden scluptures that were polished so good they might cost him two nights, all with fancy lights and a wide, museum-like but almost empty space. Once they were inside, they were ushered by the waitress to the basement floor, and Inoo couldn’t stop touching his nose, the back of his ears, and his styled bang. He was certainly nervous like he never did before.

Amused to the smaller male, Yabu smiled and touched the center of Inoo’s back with his large palm, giving it a light push of courage.

“You’ll be fine. Stop fidgeting.” The tall rich bunette said, half-whispering as they walked down the hallway. The waitress was walking in front of them, and for some reason Yabu didn’t want her to hear what they talked about.

“But it’s my first time attending business dinner.” Inoo complained, half-whispering back. His eyebrows were knitted and he couldn’t help but pout. A slight of panic made his visage. “I don’t know what I have to do. I’ve never done a freaking business dinner. And I’m wearing real suits! I don’t even know what the hell’s that supposed to mean!”

“Watch your language, okay? You wouldn’t want to make Yaotome-san get heart attack.” Yabu tried to calm him down, but his words made Inoo glared at him annoyedly. “And it’s just dinner. Only with more pair of spoons and forks, and foods that come and go, so no need to worry yourself.”

“No chopsticks?”


Inoo huffed.

“I should’ve had asked Yuta about table manner, seriously.”

It was Yabu’s turn to furrow upon hearing Inoo’s mumble. For some reasons, he just wasn’t able to recall the name that the smaller male had mentioned—that it was supposed to be the manager that had talked to him half an hour before. But he was plainly too ignorant to people that didn’t draw his intereset, therefore his heart couldn’t help but wonder, who the hell is Yuta?

At the same time, the waitress pushed open the covered-with-velvet twin doors that led to the main private dinning hall which looked even more elaborate compared to the first floor. It was even too exclusive that Inoo could count how many heads were present in the room; in which only eight people in total. A pair sat on the corner of the room, four people sat on a table across of them. And there was another pair of heads that attracted Inoo’s attention. The two were an elderly and a young man probably his age, sitting on a table rather in the middle of the room. The elder one had his hair all white, but was definitely a noble man, looking at the way he sat. The younger one, well, Inoo literally couldn’t see his face. All of them wore formal dresses. All of them talked in a really small and elegant voices which were easily blown by the classical piano sonata in the background, and Inoo sighed to wash out his stress.

Surprisingly, the waitress led both Yabu and Inoo to those pairs of old man and his grandson, and once the young man’s eyes met Inoo’s, he swore he saw those eyes sparkled like jet black marbles—probably a pearl out of a breed between clam and squid, something like that. The two immediately stood up from their chairs when they saw Yabu Kota, and bowed to Inoo in a respectful way. After bowing back in silence, Inoo studied the grandson; the man was probably two centimeters taller than him or something, had a shade of darker skin compared to other normal Japanese, and had his pretty long brown hair parted to his right. He also had a really sharp yet looking strong jawline. The man’s cheeks were probably a little too hollow, but his shoulders were wide and strong looking that at least made Inoo’s autopilot wonder how big is this guy and how would it feel to have sex with him.

The thought vanished five seconds afterward.

“Yaotome-san, it’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Yabu Kota.” Yabu shook hand with the elder, before shaking the grandson and kept his smile on its place, “It’s nice to see you again, Hikaru-kun.”

“Nice to see you again.” Hikaru repeated, nodding, shaking back Yabu’s hand.

“This is a—friend of mine, Inoo Kei.” Yabu then placed his hand on the back of Inoo’s shoulder.

“It’s a pleasure, Young Man,” The elder Yaotome shook Inoo’s hand tight and strong that Inoo had to hold his winch by grinning widely. As he let go of Inoo’s smooth hand, the elder Yaotome then patted his grandson’s shoulder, saying, “This fireball over here is my grandson, Hikaru.”

“I know nothing about fireballs, but it’s nice to meet you, Inoo-san.” Hikaru said, grinning in a friendly manner to Inoo as they shook hands. The grin was sweet and bright like a blinding sun, but with that Inoo realized something was off from the guy.

They’re super rich but they let this guy has strange teeth arrangement, seriously?

Well, not like he looks bad in them, though,
Inoo thought as he grinned in a friendly manner in return.

“Thank you. Nice to meet you too, Yaotome-san,” Inoo said back, trying to be as polite as possible, before the four of them took a seat on an exclusive table for four.

The first menu that was served on their table was some kind of baked potato dusted with brown cinnamon powder called buttered potato. It was served so beautifully on a flat round plate, adored with a fork on the left and a knife on the right side, that Inoo couldn’t help but ‘wow’-ing the first time it came to his view. He immediately grabbed Yabu’s upper arm and stared at the taller male pleadingly like that of Cat in Boots’, not minding at one bit about the fact that Yabu was in the middle of talking so seriously with the elder Yaotome. Curious with Inoo’s intention, Yabu turned his head to the raven hair and asked what’s wrong.

“Can I take picture of the food?”

No.” Was Yabu’s firm and immediate answer, not even lowering the volume of his tone.

The two Yaotomes threw their gaze towards each other bemusedly, before a pair of light chuckle was heard. Realizing it, Yabu was obviously embarassed, but he’s also a calm devil in nature, so he could cover it as if nothing had really happened.

“I apologize.” He bowed a little, almost flat-facedly.

“No, it’s okay,” The elder Yaotome said, laughing lightly. He turned his eyes to Inoo and smiled warmly like Inoo’s own grandparent. His tone was wise and understanding, making the hooker somehow felt at ease. “Hikaru and his siblings are like that too. They always take pictures when our family has dinner outside. It’s really a youth’s thing. Technology is just unstopable—even an old man like me has to deal with screens every single day.”

Feeling his cheeks smeared in pink, Inoo bowed and watched as the elder Yaotome turned his head from him and talked with Yabu again. He then lowered his eyes to the lonely potato, before picking up the fork with his right hand and the knife with his right. Why do they put the fork on the left side? Inoo wondered, tilting his head and furrowed a little confusedly. He then looked up to the three men around him; all of them held their knifes on the right hands and the forks on the left, and so he decided to imitate their way of eating it.

“However, Yabu-san, I believe a company’s destiny is supposed to be settled by its owner, the ones that have built and developed it from scratches, and not by anyone else, not even a corporate raid.” Inoo heard Hikaru argued. He was looking at Yabu rather irritatedly, but Yabu was as tight as ever that the atmosphere felt not the least comfortable for dinner. Nobody was smiling, and both young men—Yabu and Hikaru—were looking as scary to Inoo’s eyes. “And to be honest, I have heard about your statement and the rumours that were flying around and right now I’m having difficulties in figuring out your real intentions to our company.”

It was a statement and not a question, and though he actually knew what it meant, Yabu didn’t even nod to Hikaru as he finished his last piece of potato butter. Inoo watched in complete silence with his two eyes wide open rather innocently, feeling the tense among the three men of the higher class. He noted to himself that this was just not his thing.

The second course came right after, and again, Inoo was mesmerized from head to toe. Among froth that came from the ocean wave, there were a bunch of sea creatures—of sea snails, squids, small orange fishes, some kind of colorful anemones, seaweeds—served beauteously on a rectangular plate, and the serving itself was called Iso Asobi—playing on the rocky shore. They looked so beautiful and delicious, but too beautiful to eat that Inoo felt bad. But the dish seemed to be really expensive, and the hooker wouldn’t want to send it to waste. It’s too bad that he couldn’t perpetuate the dishes into pictures, since he was so sure that he wouldn’t ever be able to come to this restaurant anymore in the future.

Thinking that the plate was actually a side dish, Inoo waited for another plate to come. He was expecting a bowl of rice, and he thought the three men around him were also doing the same thing.

“You’ve read that my grandfather once built shipyards for the Vietnam War, don’t you.” At the same time, Hikaru spoke, a bit emotionally, but still trying to be as polite as possible. “He also helped Japan when the bubble came crashing down this country. He cooperated with the government and helped his environment. He’s founding orphanages in Miyagi in a regular basis after the earthquake. He has contributed to this country more than your father has ever done in his life, and you can never change that.”

“I surely can’t. But I’m here to buy your company, not to change your history.” With his unreadable smile that both Yaotome couldn’t figure out, Yabu shook his head. He was becoming more stiff than he already had, but he kept his calm demeanor on his visage. It’s just that, there’s just no way he would surrender. The young master then took his chopsticks and said politely, “Gentlemen, Bon appetit.”

Upon hearing the phrase being said, watching the three started digging into their dishes, Inoo’s eyes grew somewhat wider. It seemed like they weren’t waiting for the main dish like he was. He blinked a few times before grabbing Yabu’s upper arm again, confused.

“Where’s the rice?” Inoo asked, whispering this time. But in fact Hikaru was still able to hear him that the young brunette turned his gaze towards him and watched him in silence. Inoo nervously took a glance at Hikaru before turning back to Yabu.

Sighing, the young CEO, somehow answered, “There is no rice, Kei.”

“…No rice?” The hooker heard Hikaru chuckled.

Yabu shook his head bemusedly and Inoo bit his lower lip. He hesitantly took his own chopsticks and started eating his dish—which serving was even far lesser compared to the cheapest gyuudon serving in any fast food chains in the whole country.

After watching Inoo took his second bite, Hikaru’s eyes darted back to Yabu, and their expression changed drastically at the same time—from a little entertained by Inoo’s innocence to yet emotionally irked by each other. Yabu himslef felt like his chest was burning, though this was only business, and he was clearly showing his ‘cruel busninessman’ side to Inoo at the moment.

“I assure you will never, ever, be able to take over my grand father’s company, Yabu-san.” Hikaru almost gritted his teeth. His eyebrows were knitted and the wrinkles on his forehead were seen clearly. His hollow cheeks were tight, and he fisted his palm on the table.

“I will do my best.” Yabu answered rather coldly.

And to hell with symphaty, for losing was just not his nature.

“Even if you got my grandfather’s assets, what would you do after that?” Hikaru almost raised up his tone in anger.

“I’m going to separate it into pieces and resell them to different buyers.”


The elder Yaotome placed his palm on his grandson’s shoulder to calm him down. Clearing his throat, the old man said quietly, “I honestly don’t like this idea of you treating my company—which is turning fourty three years old this year—like some kind of a wreckage.”

“Mind you, Yaotome-san, but I am paying a lot of money to you and you are going to be a very wealthy man.” Yabu turned his face to the elder Yaotome. His tone was serious that it seemed somehow scary in Inoo’s ears.

“I am rich enough. I just want to keep my dockyards.” The elder Yaotome glared at Yabu. “You know every businessmen in this country get sick everytime they heard your family’s name? As they’ve said, you, pure capitalists, are bastards; shattering people’s revenue, employment, life, acting God.”

Hearing this, Inoo turned his head to Yabu. He noticed Yabu’s eyes dilated for a second, and Inoo swore his heart skipped a beat.

“You seem to enjoy depicting my family as evil, but we are certainly not. And, if you would be so good mind that it has nothing to do with this deal. This is business among humans, Yaotome-san, and I’d like to remind you that you’re also a part of this whole capitalism that you’re talking about.”

The air had become very stiff that Inoo lose his appetite. The third plate, the dessert, a slice of Kyoto’s maccha soft cake and a small teaspoon maccha gelato called Kyoo no Ishidatami—Kyoto’s Stone Pavement, that came served onto their tables didn’t attract the young raven’s attention like before. With his eyes widely opened in a rather innocent way, Inoo turned his face alternately, from Yabu, to Hikaru, to the elder Yaotome.

None of the three gentlemen had a happy face, and he was sure he felt the atmosphere becoming hotter and suffocating each seconds passed as if the entire building was on fire.

Leave my company alone.” The elder Yaotome demanded.

“I can’t do that, I have millions of dollars of share.”

“Then let me buy your stock back.”

“You don’t have the money.”

“We will. We’ll have contract with the government.” Hikaru added firmly.

“I’m afraid there will be none, Hikaru-kun. Your contract is going to be held still in the congress.”

“The fuck—what game are you playing?! Now you’ve got a dirty politician or something?!” Hikaru snapped, half standing up, his upper body bent to Yabu’s direction. He had his two eyes wide open, and he was certainly in a point where he couldn’t hold his boiling emotion anymore.

“Hikaru, easy.”

Tsk! I have enough, Grand Father.” With a frustrated face, Hikaru dropped his napkin—almost throwing it—onto the table and stood up. He bowed to Inoo who had been dumbfounded the entire time. “Inoo-kun, it’s very pleasant to meet you, but I better go outside. I need some fresh air.”

With his mouth slightly hang open, his mind clouded and perplexed, the skin of his nape goosebumped, Inoo watched Hikaru’s back as the Yaotome Industries’ heir walked out of the dinning hall. The pretty raven haired male then turned his glance at Yabu worriedly, before somehow noticing that the taller had the corner of his eyes turning a little crimson.

And he decided that he didn’t like any of what just happened.


The raven kept staring at Yabu even until they got into the young master’s penthouse. As he sat on the king sized bed of the penthouse’s bedroom, Yabu was sitting on the long sofa right across the bed, his ginger head rested on the backrest comfortably. Yabu was closing his eyes as if he was having a nap or some light sleep. But Inoo kept his eyes on his employer not because Yabu seemed like sleeping. It was more because of the fact that Yabu had all muscles in his face wrikled, and his eyelids moving rapidly, which indicated that he was actually feeling kind of restless.

Inoo couldn’t help but to feel bad for Yabu. But at the same time he concluded that what Yabu was trying to do was not good; that he was trying to destroy someone else’ life and—as what the elder Yaotome had said—playing God. Still, he saw Yabu trying to deal with this situation professionally as a businessman, but in a sense things didn’t feel right.

Hanging open his lower jaw, Inoo kept staring at Yabu, who had gotten rid of his tux and his tie, leaving only his white shirt and his black pants and feet that were covered by the hotel slippers. The shirt had two snaps unbuttoned, showing the curve of his collarbone, a little of his chest, and his somewhat glowing skin under the yellow light of the bedroom’s night lamps. Inoo had to build a courage in his own chest before able to speak to break the ice.

“Ko-chan. Are you tired?” He asked, out of courtesy.

Yabu heaved up his chest a little before letting out a long sigh. Inoo was, on the other hand, feeling glad that Ko-chan was actually listening to him.

“No.” The taller answered, keeping his eyes closed.

The entire room felt suffocating making him hard to breathe, and Inoo didn’t know what else to say. He was kind of irritated at the same time, for it was already past eleven and Yabu had been acting like a loathing ghost ever since they came back from the dinner. Thus, Inoo had actually been in a ‘business’ for a little while already, and Tegoshi had taught him that ‘if you mean business then don’t do personal’, so he actually knew how to be more professional in this kind of situation. He had tried to apply this theory and shut his heart from everything that concerned money—since the day he decided to sell his body. But Yabu, one gorgeous businessman raised up in America, the guy that had the entire world in his fists, the guy that were sitting still on the couch across the bed, was just probably not mature enough to separate the two realm.

“I see you’re pissed because Yaotome-san doesn’t want to let go of his old dockyards and give it to you. And you can’t accept it that they’re persistent in protecting what they have.” Inoo uttered, almost out of the blue, almost expressionlessly.

At least what he had said, however, was able to make Yabu open his eyes.

“Thanks for making me sounded like the villain here.” Yabu said back rather coldly. But not wanting to glare at Inoo, Yabu lowered his eyes to the raven’s knees instead.

Biting his inner cheek, Inoo blinked several times. He was probably talking too much, and worse, worsening both the already icy cold situation and Yabu’s mood, so he fell silent. Of what he could do to melt the Himalaya between the two of them, he couldn’t figure it out. There’s no kitchen, so Inoo couldn’t cook for him. There were two giant flat screen televisions, but Inoo didn’t know what movies would entertain Yabu, or whether it’s a good idea in the first place. Thinking for some moments, Inoo then came up with what he thought he could do best.

Being the whore, seducing the young master.

“Are you not too tight, Ko-chan?” Inoo said, in a rather seductive voice, a bit like a cat’s mewl but enough to make it sound sexy and inviting. He got up from the bed and walked towards the sofa where Yabu was sitting on. He made sure that his eyes were fixed to Yabu’s as he approached the taller. “Relax for a second, or you’re gonna grow grey hair tomorrow.”

Yabu averted his gaze back to Inoo as he rested his propped his temple with his two left fingers.

“I’d like to try.” He replied, not sounding at the least allured.

Pouting, Inoo half lidded his eyes as he stopped in front of the young master, bending his body a little towards him and his left hand and held it with both of his own palms. He pulled it gently and tried to get Yabu stand up on his feet, but kind of failed miserably. But Inoo did not want to give up just yet. He had never failed in seducing before, so he thought tonight he wouldn’t either.

“Ko-chan. Let’s take a bubble bath together!” He said, trying to sound cheerful.

However, out of a sudden, Yabu sighed and pulled his hand off of Inoo’s in a rather harsh way. It was almost like he’s snapping off Inoo’s hand, but gentle enough that instead of feeling hurt or pained, Inoo was only left surprised. It was not the first time Yabu Kota had left him dumbfounded, and yet as a matter of fact, Yabu was his hardest to deal with client who just turned everything upside down, including Inoo's entire track record.

“Not now.” Yabu stood up, throwing his eyes away from Inoo’s. Without hesitancy, the CEO walked out of the bedroom door.

“Where are you going?” Inoo was certainly getting annoyed. As he asked the taller, his forehead was furrowed and his tone was rather pleading.

“Downstairs. I need a smoke.” The young master answered, before closing the bedroom door behind him, leaving Inoo standing in the middle of the room, baffled.

“…Eh? You’re smoking?” Inoo raised his voice a little while half running towards the door, trying to run after Yabu but to no avail. He heard the front door of the penthouse being closed, and Inoo stopped.

He was officially left in the entire wide space all by himself, yet the air still felt suffocating that his throat, his eyes, his heart, hurt.


The restaurant of the Park Hyatt Tokyo was actually closed at two past thirty at night. All the chairs had been placed upside-down on the tables, and all lamps had mostly been switched off. The only light came directly from the moon, and in such melancholiness there was no other people in there anymore—not any hotel persons, no one. But within the darkness that soon would be washed away by the dawn, as the clock pointed to three past fourteen, Yabu was still seen sitting alone on a table for two, in a space of the Kozue restaurant specified for smokers. His back leaned against the chair’s rest, his eyes staring at the light illumination of the city of Shinjuku outside the window, his left hand holding a bundle of half smoked tabacco. On his table, there was only a three quarter full bottle of Languedoc, an empty white wine glass, and an ashtray.

It was summer and the sun would rise soon. It was more than three hours already, and Yabu was still feeling kind of guilty of what he had done to Inoo before; snapping his hands away like he did not want him. It was not his intention, but at the same time he just did not want to be bothered. Now he couldn’t help but wonder what Inoo was doing inside the room, all alone with nobody to talk to. But it was three in the morning, probably Inoo had already been deep in slumber.

Therefore, killing his cigarette on the ashtray rather emotionally, Yabu stood up and left the empty restaurant, walking fast to the elevator to go back to the fiftith floor. He had the urge to see Inoo as soon as he could, though he wasn’t sure why.

What he found when he was standing right in front of his penthouse’s door was, however, not what he had expected. In fact, he had never had any imagination that it would happen.

From outside the door, Yabu could hear a sonata being played. It was quite hazy, but obviously there was someone playing the baby grand piano inside his hotel room. The melody was slow and rather sad, and Yabu froze on his spot. He did not recognize this melody; hell, he barely knew classic at all. But the way the slow tones adoring the surrounding was plainly… beautiful.

Is it Kei?

Yabu turned his body so that he could lean his back against the door. He set his both ears as he listened to the beautiful sonata, feeling all regretful and sad yet calm and light at the same time, until it faded away and stopped.

The first half of the second movement of the piano sonata was not as slow as the first, and Yabu was still standing out the door and listening to the melody in silence. Until at one point when suddenly the piano became rather violent, the young master decided to enter the room because his heart couldn’t stop beating like mad. And there he witnessed it with his own eyes; the lid of the baby grand piano was opened, and from the range between the body and the lid, Yabu could see Inoo’s beautiful pale face, all bowing, and his shoulders shaking, following the way his fingers dancing on the ivory keys in a fast pace, creating a lovely but powerful melody. The third movement was very different with the first.

And Inoo was too concentrated that he didn’t aware of Yabu’s presence.

The taller male walked further into the room. He led himself towards the wooden divider of the living room to have better access to see Inoo’s unpredictable solo concert, and there he could also see how Inoo’s long fingers danced like there were no barriers among the keyboard. Yabu was amazed. He was mesmerized that he couldn’t say anything, and he couldn’t describe how perfect Inoo’s vast playing was.

Moments later, Inoo reached the what looking like the most right part of the keyboard with his fingers and ended it with three dramatic stacatos. He was still not aware of Yabu’s presence until the tall brunette gave him applause, and his face became as red as the boiled crabs.

When did you get in?” Inoo asked out of embarrassment.

Where did you learn piano?” Instead of answering, Yabu asked back. He walked approaching the raven hooker and sat next to him on the piano’s rectangular stool.

Sighing, Inoo tried to compose himself and just stared at the black and white keys in front of him. He laid his right hand on it, pushing the keys one after another, making another yet slow but beautiful notes, which was different than before.

“My grandfather used to be a world war soldier.” Inoo tried to explain. “He learned piano in China from his first girlfriend—who later died out of war itself. When I was really small, he taught everything he’d learned. And since Beethoven was his favorite, I knew some of his pieces.”

Yabu watched and heard it closely as Inoo only played a piece of another sonata with only his right hand. It was not as powerful, but it’s just so lovely that Yabu felt himself becoming high.

“You’re amazing.” Whether or not Yabu was aware of his own action, he took Inoo’s left hand and held it gently with his. His eyes never left Inoo’s flustered face, though the raven wasn’t staring back at him. “Why didn’t you seek a career as a musician instead?”

Why do you think I end up being a hooker?” Without stopping, Inoo glanced at Yabu and chuckled. He kept playing with the keys as if the notes were there by his heart.

It was meant as a joke, but unexpectedly, Yabu took it rather seriously.


Inoo's heart missed a bit and his eyes dilated for a second upon hearing such question. It was the first time in his life someone had ever questioned his decision to be a male prostitute, so he actually didn't know what to answer; whether he should joke around, or just tell the truth.

“I tore my family apart, that’s why.” In the end, he decided to do both. There was a dry and bitter laugh, before it died away and Inoo smiled, his left hand squeezed Yabu’s in return. It was warm, and the both of them felt comfortable with each other. “No, just kidding. The truth is, I ran away from home. I was a screwed up teenager. I’m still this screwed up even until today.”

Yabu couldn’t describe any of the feeling that he was having, squirling inside his heart and his mind. He was all silent, but he couldn’t stop staring at the pretty man next to him, hypnotized. The piano sonata that Inoo played washed away his anxiety, and he felt light like he had never did before.

When Inoo stopped playing, Yabu didn’t know what encouraged him, what gave him this push, or what made him wanted to do it. But he couldn’t help but to lean down to Inoo’s face, slowly, his eyes blurred, his head boiling, but his lips aiming for those plump ones. He was glad that Inoo did not react, because his confidence raised up to the coulds as the distance between their lips were lessened and lessened. He wanted to kiss Inoo, he just wanted to kiss the pretty pianist on the lips so badly. He started to lower his eyelids as they were only an inch apart…

But then Inoo pulled his head backward.

The raven’s wide eyes stared at Yabu and clearly rejected Yabu’s effort.

But Yabu was not one to lose, so he tried to kiss Inoo on the lips over again…

…Just to be rejected for the second time.

It was the first time in his life Yabu felt like his world crumbled on to him. The feeling was worse than any bitter business he had ever done.

But Inoo was still staring at him, with his brown irises directed to his darker ones. Yabu swore there was sadness in them, as if he was disapponted as well as Yabu himself. But Inoo was a hooker, how would he even know?

The hooker then leaned towards him, and instead of aiming to the businessman’s lips, he aimed for his neck. Inoo buried his fingers on those brown locks. He laid some kisses on that firm neck, then licking it, slicking it with his tongue, making it all wet and comfortable before starting to give a bite.

Yabu was only silent. He was still casted down after the rejection, but had no other choice but to enjoy Inoo’s service. Out of his disappointment, instead of backing away, Yabu grabbed Inoo by the waist and grind their body together. At one point, Yabu started to attack Inoo’s neck back, marking it anywhere, at any part of the skin that he could find, deciding to just use Inoo as what he had hired him to be. Their desires, their lust, were beginning to mount, and out of lust and disappointed themselves, both Yabu and Inoo stood up, with Inoo closing the keyboard cover of the baby grand piano before sitting on it, his hips straddled, and Yabu standing in between his legs.

They unbuttoned the snaps of their white shirts at the same time, but leaving them hung on their bodies with only their chests showing. Yabu sneaked his hands onto Inoo’s body and started to roam them all over those pale and milky skin, playing with the nipples, the navel, and Inoo squirmed. Hearing Inoo’s moans, which were as beautiful as the sonatas that he had played before, Yabu’s autopilot looked for the raven’s belt and unbuckled it. Lowering Inoo’s pants and boxer rather impatiently, once Yabu saw the male prostitute’s arousal, he took it in his hand and started massaging it in a sexual way.

“Ahh, Ko-chan, felt good…” The hooker purposefully grinded his own crotch to Yabu’s clother one. He intentionally rubbed himself onto Yabu’s sensitive member and made the taller groaned in pleasure. As Yabu buried his face on Inoo’s shoulder, the raven unbuckled Yabu’s belt in turn and revealed the manhood, which had been standing proudly only for him, out of its cage.

Inoo then grabbed their hardened members in his right pianist hand altogether, stroking it rythmically, and Yabu might not be able to become more turned on by this gesture. The burning atmosphere came back all over again, and on the baby grand piano inside the penthouse, and most of all, out of their sadness and desperation, both men lost themselves in each other.

*-* To Be Continued *-*

A/N :
[Piano pieces references]
- The first piano sonata that Inoo played is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Here's the link. If you want to listen to it, in order to be able to imagine the scene, I suggest you to hear the song from the very start to the very end. Haha XD
- The second piano sonata is still from Beethoven's, but a piano version of Symphony No.7 op.92-1. Here's the link. I know he's too mainstream, but I like this sonata very much. If you ever watched Nodame Cantabile, this piece is actually played in there.

- I personally like Joseph Haydn much more than Beethoven, but I couldn't find any of Minuet in C Major in youtube so I just pass it down.

- I am so drained, seriously. And I involved myself in a stupid single accident. I fell off of my bicycle and the skin under my nose needed to get stitched because I fell onto hard concrete. And all my body's hurt but I have excursion this weekend. Which includes two days straight presentation.
- Yes, I am so stressed out. I can't think. My brain doesn't seem to work properly.
- Therefore I'm really sorry that this chapter isn't as satisfying.
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♣ ケニ ♣ladydalatis on July 23rd, 2015 01:33 pm (UTC)
Even your writing doesn't sound good, you know :/ Get plenty rest and take care yourself more~

but the piano scene is just *INSERTALLTHEFEELINGSHERE* Been witing for that scene ever since this ff starts <3
Hotaruma_rendezvous on July 23rd, 2015 01:43 pm (UTC)
REALLY?? WAS IT SERIOUSLY BAD AF? Please tell me then pls pls I'll withdraw this post asap and fix it (;;;;;A;;;;;) *ojrok2 bucho*

But thank you for your concern (;;w;;)
♣ ケニ ♣ladydalatis on July 23rd, 2015 11:51 pm (UTC)
just some typos and ambiguity, but it's rare thing since it's you so...
Hotaruma_rendezvous on July 24th, 2015 10:29 am (UTC)
♣ ケニ ♣ladydalatis on July 24th, 2015 01:40 pm (UTC)
mbee0805mbee0805 on July 23rd, 2015 03:06 pm (UTC)
This fic official become number 1 inoobu fic i favour so far ^^
The dinner just yeah scary and i feel bad for yabu there
But there's this piano scene that just lovely, and i just love the way yabu try to kiss kei twice but got rejected that took the best part of all ~ <3
And I really love all that piano pieces, beautiful :)
Cant wait for the next chapter :)
Can i add you? :)

Are you okay? Is It bad?
Im sorry to hear that~
Get well soon and take caree ne~ ^^

And thank you for the fic :D

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Hotaru: yabunookarenda-1ma_rendezvous on July 24th, 2015 10:35 am (UTC)
thank you very much... I'm really happy to hear that! (;;w;;)
let me hug you~ *hug *hug

of course you can, I'll be very happy to have you as a friend! <3
please add me~ X))
and let's talk sometime ~

pretty bad, haha...
but I'm okay now. at least the painkiller makes me feel okay XDD
thank you very much for your concern ;;w;;

thank you for reading and commenting! <33
mbee0805mbee0805 on July 24th, 2015 02:46 pm (UTC)
Hug you back, tight~ :)
I've added you and currently reading some of your fic right now XD
And me too happy to have a friend like you ^^
Once again get well soon nee~
Hotaru: InooArikama_rendezvous on July 26th, 2015 01:04 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I've added you back <3
well... douzo... but my fanfics aren't that good srsly (;;w;;)

Thank you! I'll take care of myself a little more TwT
ficreader_02ficreader_02 on July 23rd, 2015 11:22 pm (UTC)
Gosh you cut the making out part! It's such a cliffhanger!

Anyways, are you fine now? I hope your doing good now... You're in that situation when you wrote this? You're still great for that!
Hotaru: yabuino nyanyanma_rendezvous on July 24th, 2015 10:38 am (UTC)
I'm sorry, I didn't want to cut it like that at first but then I wanted to make a sexy - literacy - making out scene.. did it work? XDDD

yeah, this fic is made during my utmost stress... and I still feel like shit to be honest... XDDD

but thank you for reading! I love your comment <333
beni: yabuinochiijuju905rote on July 24th, 2015 12:18 am (UTC)
We finally meet Hikaru! His family really is something.
I feel bad for the Yaotomes, but why is it......Hikaru is very cool but I feel a little bit annoyed at him :"
Yabu might seem like a heartless capitalist, but he didn't choose to be born into his family...

Lol at the part about Hikaru's crooked teeth. But I like his teeth x)
And innocent Inoo, wondering where the white rice is, so cuteee!
All the tension between Yabu and Hikaru made me hold my breath. And when Yabu left the penthouse, and Inoo was left alone, it hurt :"
And...the last scene with the piano, so romantic!
Thank you for the update!

Hotaru: InooArikama_rendezvous on July 24th, 2015 10:57 am (UTC)
truth to be told, I'm very happy to hear that XDD

anyways, why annoyed? could you tell me? I wanna know XDD

Yeah, Hikaru has the best crooked teeth in the world maybe? XDD
but I agreed with Inoo, like his family is (depicted) rich with all their awesomeness but his teeth are sort of..... well....? XD

thank you for dropping by and commenting, beni <333
beni: heartjuju905rote on July 24th, 2015 04:02 pm (UTC)
Yes, the Yaotomes were so cool. Hikaru...I feel he was a bit judgemental, like he's looking down on nouveau riche cpaitalist guys, although his reaction is understandable x)
But he's like...my niban so I love him anyways :")

Yes, I feel like Hikaru's teeth are kind of a paradox to his rich character, but I hope he keeps them crooked x) that's very cool.

Anyways I talked too much about Hikaru here x). But I love all of this fic ♥
Hotaruma_rendezvous on July 26th, 2015 01:43 pm (UTC)
is okay! I'm very happy to hear that really! XDD
especially the part when he's being some kind of annoying in a tolerable way... I mean I don't bias Hikaru but I kind of have this tendency to be too subjective towards his characters in any of my fanfics... that's why I'm happy my effort doesn't go to waste XDDD

that teeth will stay sonomama until he changes it himself in real life, in which I wish would never happen, because it's what makes Hikaru... well, Hikaru XDD

thank you againnnnn ilu <3 <3
shin_ju8shin_ju8 on July 24th, 2015 10:25 am (UTC)

Nee, are you alright? Be careful next time, okay :|||

Kaciann inoo, ga ngerti apa2 hrus ngedengerin percakapan kyk gitu.. tapi inoo unyu bangettt. Sok lah main aja mending ke rumahku, inoo aku suguhin nasi satu rice cooker buat dia sendirian nanti XDDD enak loh nasi di sini, pulen dan putih, mulus(?) kayak inoo :3

Sumpahhhhh entah kenapa benchhhiii sama Yabu yang nyuekin inoo. Benci, benci, gatau kenapa benci :'''

Take some rest okay, don't force yourself ._.
I'll be waiting the next chapter ^^

Hotaruma_rendezvous on July 24th, 2015 11:00 am (UTC)
not that alright, but I'm healing XDD
(except that the stess is still there)

kasian yeh, ngga dapet nasi hahahaha asa kampung gitu XDD *dihajar*

Yabu nyuekin Inoo tapi kemudian Inoo nolak dia mentah2 XDDD
karmaaaa hahahahahahaha XDDD

I will, thank you for your concern, boku :""3
okay! please look forward to it <333 *blow kiss*
singchronight0: fascinatingsingchronight0 on July 24th, 2015 06:22 pm (UTC)
Are you ok?
Becareful, don't involve yourself in stupid accident again :)

'Who the hell is Yuta?'
Woooow! Yabu is getting jealous?

Inoo is really pretty badass!
He wondered how it would be if he had sex with Hikaru!
Then do it!
His existence enlightened the tensed atmosphere between Yabu and Yaotomes a bit xD

Grand father Yaotome was kind, when Inoo asked Yabu if he could take photos of food, the grand father Yaotome didn't look down nor make Inoo feel embarass.

Hikaru was coooool!
When he said f-word to Yabu xD
I thought he met his match!

“Where’s the rice?” Inoo asked, whispering this time. But in fact Hikaru was still able to hear him that the young brunette turned his gaze towards him and watched him in silence.
What was Hikaru thinking at that moment?

I support Yaotomes to protect their company from capitalists, but I don't want to see Yabu's failure either ;_;

Inoo was cute, so.cute like a kitten ;_;

The scene Yabu was trying to kiss Inoo's lips twice but got rejected ;_; OMG ;_;

But Inoo was still staring at him, with his brown irises directed to his darker ones. Yabu swore there was sadness in them,
Why? Why there was sadness in Inoo's eyes?
Hope you will let me know the reason of his sadness in the future chapter.

Yabu and Inoo were playing ON the piano ;_;
The businessman knew how to use the piano in creative way! XD

Thank you for this chapter :)

Take your time and take care yourself!
Hotaru: yanunoo chuuuuma_rendezvous on July 26th, 2015 02:02 pm (UTC)
I love it that you see through and not miss the small things between the lines! Not many recognizes these trivias like you do, and I feel really appreciated (TwT) *hug real tight*

To sum it up, the forth chapter is all about rejection...
When Inoo was rejected by the shop he visited, Yabu who rejected his building sympathy towards the Yaotomes, when the Yaotomes rejected to be bought by Yabu's corporate raid, again when Yabu rejected Inoo's offer, and when Inoo rejected Yabu's kiss... so yeah, basically everything hurts X""""D

I'm not gonna reply much further right now or else I would spoil everything... so please bear a little while until all the clouds and mists get a little clearer (or even thicker?) XDD

Can I ask something? It's a stupid question but I wonder... In whose side are you in, if you could choose? XDD

And thank you for your concern (;;w;;)
I'm doing good!
singchronight0: いいの?singchronight0 on July 27th, 2015 04:03 am (UTC)
It's good to hear that you're doing good :)

Ok, I got it! That's why thins chapter named 'rejected'. Because all of them got rejected.
Great! :)

[Spoiler (click to open)]Can I ask something? It's a stupid question but I wonder... In whose side are you in, if you could choose? XDD
You know well that it's hard to choose lol
I think I'm in Yabu's side xD
I love both Yabu and Hikaru, but the businessman Yabu Kota who wearing jetblack Armani suit,with unreadable smile, is irresistible.
Because of his character, his life almost looks perfect, living in New York, as the heir of the Yabu, his future should be bright, but I feel it's dark somehow.
I think Yabu has a good heart, but good heart isn't good for dealing in business world.
Besides, he can't let anyone see him in weak state, because he's the CEO, so he has to be strong all 24/7.
Whether he success in buying Yaotome's company.
I think he won't be happy of what he's done.
But he feels bad for buying the Yaotome's business.
He's realized that the Yaotome gave things back and helped the others, charity and etc...
(They will get some supporters, I think)
While his father's company will never ever do that.
But being the heir of Yabu, he can't just run away or do something reckless, he can't be irresponsible.
Is it lucky or unlucky for being CEO, for being the heir? XD

Being with Inoo, it seems Yabu can let his dark side/stress out a bit.
I hope Inoo can be Yabu's little oasis, or in the other hand, the troublemaker? xD

I hope Yabu will be able to smile with his no-eye-smile in the end.

Sorry for babbling.

I'm looking forward to chapter 5.
Dhem0echan on July 25th, 2015 12:38 am (UTC)
mau spot juga ketinggalan...
yg komen udah banyak X'D

yowislah. spot dulu. masih ada kerjaan....

Hotaruma_rendezvous on July 26th, 2015 02:02 pm (UTC)
spot taken XDDDDD
tapapa dhe, take your time, come back anytime <33
siklomika: yabunoo jweb .gifsiklomika on August 1st, 2015 02:08 am (UTC)
Have I said that I love you? ;u;
Why do I want Hikaru to be Yabu's rival in love too lol
The dinner part was so intense but the piano scene is toooo beautifuuuuul ;;;u;;; I swear I could imagine what Yabu saw and it was so pretty!

Btw, ganbatte for your study! And take care of your health!
Waiting for the next cahepter :)
Hotaruma_rendezvous on August 3rd, 2015 11:33 am (UTC)
Thank you!! I love you too <333 ;;w;;

It's going to be revealed in the fifth chapter, so please kindly check it out <33333

and thank you very much for your concern! I'm fine now X33