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01 March 1992 @ 02:54 pm
[sticky post] Welcome Aboard!  

Welcome to my rowboat, People!

This is the chronicle of my maturation process.
In other words, it's my writing journal.


- last update 04/10/2014

Hey! Say! JUMP

ENG - [YabuxInoo] Up in the Air
AU. angst. gore.
You are the love of my life, the mean of my existence. I love you, Kei, and I always make sure you know that I love you everyday, everytime, every seconds, and forever, and I never lie... But I wonder why you stare at me like that?

ENG - [HikaruxInoo] - Of Sun and the Sea (2 parts)
AU. attempt crack. romance. slice of life.
It's a cliché kind of a story; a boy who fell in love with his best friend, but never got noticed. Thus, the two were just a total idiot. Yup, that kind of thing.
[ PART 1 - PART 2 ]

ENG - [YabuxInoo] - To Fall in Love with A Chaos
AU. romance. slight angst. dark-themed.
He’s an almost perfect informant... He did dirty job perfectly. He got more than a splendid amount of money with it, and day by day his income got even better. The only imperfection bothering him was the feeling swirling inside of him... He wasn’t happy.

ENG - [HikaruxInoo] 5 Prompts, 5 Drabbles
Because they were just so in love.

ENG - [YabuxInoo] - Black Cherry
R. smut. angst.
......... He locks his lips with Yabu’s right away, not letting go of a second. His arms lock the older close and tight. And obviously sensual. He hears the girls gasp disgustedly, surprised by his sudden act. But Yabu Kouta doesn’t resist.

ENG - [YabuxInoo] The Ill-est in Love
AU. fluff.
I have a messed up life, that’s true, but I still have some rational parts which make me rational as well. Believe me, when I say I’m messed up, then I am.

ENG - [YabuxInoo] Lapis Lazuli (3 parts)
R. AU. angst. epic. romance.
Kouta and Kei, two young men who live in a peaceful Nation named Angelos. They are separated by duties, and caught in the midst of an unpredictable chaos at twilight out of the blue. The both of them then struggle so hard to protect the one they love, and to fulfill their promise at the end of the day.
This is a love story between the two lovers.

( PART 1 ) ( PART 2 ) ( PART 3 )

ENG - [TakakixInoo] Infinity ON PROGRESS.
AU. romance. slice of life.
... because, being ignored causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as being physically hurt.
( Chapter 1 ) ( Chapter 2 )

ENG - [YabuxInoo] - Every Single Time
R. fluff.
How Yabu's and Inoo's mornings are portrayed through words. Literally.

ENG - [HikaruxInoo] Hygeia Paints it Rainbow (2 parts)
R. fluff. romance. angst. slice of life.
Great story, aside from other elements like great personality of the hero and everything else, has great plot and story line. Like an orphan with mental illness. A messed up family who adopt him. A really miserable life to realize that he loves someone in particular. Then comes a romantic confession of two lovers. A sentimental session of sexual intercourse with lots of tears. And finally a realization that there are people who love him.
[ Part 1 - Part 2 ]

ENG - [YabuxInoo] Strikethrough
AU. slice of life. fluff. angst.
You can't really describe the young man's expression, because since the time he came to the bar that evening, the tall brunette has been stoic and silent all the time, as if he’s a living stone. Perhaps his neck is tied to something invisible, or perhaps he’s simply empty.

ENG - [HikaruxInoo] As a Matter of Heart 8-8
R. AU. angst. character death.
Yaotome Hikaru became a doctor without having neither aim nor passion for this noble profession. But one day, he met Inoo Kei and Yabu Kota.
[ 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 ]

ENG - [HikaruxInoo] - A Sip of Espresso
AU. fluff. angst. slice of life.
My name is Hikaru. Yaotome Hikaru. I’m just your average guy with average look and height. I’m not too thin, body is a bit well-built but not bulky, not at all. I’m gonna turn 21 next month. I have a decent job as a barista on a certain cafe in Ikebukuro... The thing is, when I was just a high-schooler, I realized that I fell in love with my own best friend. My very own best friend and childhood friend whom I met on the second year of junior high...

ENG - [YabuxInoo] - 1Sentence Challenge - Without You the World Stops Spinning
T/R. various genres. mention of smut.

Alice Nine

ENG - [ToraxSaga] Close/Far Distance
AU. fluff.
Saga was only nine year old, while Tora was 18. Tora took care of Saga because he was an orphan, and had lived on the street because his house had been burnt some years back.

IND - [ToraxSaga] The True Form of Salvation
R. slice of life. fluff. smut.
Hidup itu tidak ada yang sempurna. Semuanya tergantung bagaimana kau meracik berbagai rasa, sehingga membuat hidup terasa lebih istimewa.

IND - [NaoxSaga/ToraxSaga] Love Hurts
A heart is broken...

IND - [ShouxHiroto] Parallel World
fluff. slice of life.
Hanya sebuah cerita sederhana tentang kehidupan paralel seorang penulis...

IND - [ToraxSaga] Minuet in C Major
R. AU. fluff. romance. smut.
Tora adalah seorang dosen Teknik Arsitektur di Vienna University of Technology. Ia bertemu dengan seorang pianis bernama Saga, dan anak semata wayangnya, Saki, di Vienna, Austria, negara yang jauh dari negara ibu mereka itu.

ENG - [ShouxHiroto] A Piece of The World
He woke up and realization hit him. He was sitting on a very comfortable sofa in the living room, half past four in the morning.

ENG - [remake] The Third Plate
AU. attempt horror.
Shou's brother was murdered, and that night, they went back to their village with an ambulance. Shou was mad, until then something happened when they stopped by a stall, at midnight.

ENG - [ShouxHiroto] Poem: Green Stripes
Romance. fluff.
My name is Shou...

ENG - [ToraxSaga] 1sentence Challenge
T/R. Various genres. Mention of smut.

ENG - [ToraxSaga] Ray
It's a song that describes Tora's whole emotion.

IND - [ShouxHiroto] Sun Flowers in a Gloomy Day extension vers of Under the Sun's Shine
angst. romance.
“Kau tidak tahu betapa Shou sangat peduli padamu sampai ia tidak menghiraukan dirinya sendiri."

ENG - [ToraxSaga] Of Soyu and Secret
R. AU. fluff. smut.
I have a secret. It's about my brother and I.

ENG - [ToraxSaga] Perhaps
Just when he turned around to go back into the room, the door next to him suddenly opened. He found Tora standing in the doorway, looking at him with surprise.

IND - [ToraxSaga] Where to With the Melancholy
angst. drama.
Dan kini, betapa ia merasa dunia ini tidak adil padanya, karena yang ia inginkan hanyalah kebahagiaan seperti orang lain. Tapi kini, kebahagiaan itu terasa terlalu bias didepan matanya sendiri.

IND - [ShouxHiroto] Under the Sun's Shine
fluff. slight angst.
Tapi ia tak ingin melepaskan genggaman itu. Karena melihat orang yang dikasihinya, ia merasa semua akan baik-baik saja.

IND - [Alice Nine] Alice Nine's Ordinary Conversation
Attempt crack.

The Gazette

IND - [KaixUruha] Stupid Photograph
AU. angst. slice of life.
Baby, it's all wrong, where are the plans we made for two?


ENG - [Kurobasu Fanfic] A memory kept by Teiko 9.
Touru Kasuka. A 1st grade student of Tokuhaku High School, Kyoto. 16 years old, height is 183 cm, weight is 74 kg.


ENG - [Alice Nine/Hey!Say!BEST] Demons/The Ocean Sovereign
AU. mythological. supernatural.
He had faced the more complicated relationships compared to these three’s ordinary story. He had witnessed massacre, murder, and suicide, in result of releasing the desire of envy, in all sides of the world. But these three boys’ friendship was too plain, yet at the same time complicated and unpredictable. It was the first time he felt that way, and it's stupid.

IND - [ShouxRuki, ReitaxRuki] That Flimsy Lips
AU. angst. fluff.

IND - [ToraxKai] Haru, Sakura no Koro
AU. failed fluff.

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ichii_yuuki90ichii_yuuki90 on March 20th, 2014 09:49 am (UTC)
I'm yuki from indonesa..
i like hey say jump and alice nine..
Let be a friend ne^^
Hotaruma_rendezvous on March 20th, 2014 11:54 am (UTC)
Yo, Yuki (^o^)/
Hota disini, salam kenal, orang indo juga :3

Let's be friend, yoroshikuuu :33
ichii_yuuki90ichii_yuuki90 on March 22nd, 2014 03:16 am (UTC)
hello hota..

ehh kamu orang indo juga..
wahh senang..
makasii yah dah add back..
Hotaru: yanunoo chuuuuma_rendezvous on March 22nd, 2014 09:02 am (UTC)
jd malu hahaha (^w^a)
you're welcome ;3
queridakeiqueridakei on June 28th, 2014 04:06 pm (UTC)
hai, aq Kei...
INOO KEI ichibaner plus YamaJima n YabuNoo shipper...
Q tak sengaja menemukan lj u...tak apa kan klo aq add???

mari b'kawan... :)
Hotaru: Clear DMMd sad-smilema_rendezvous on June 30th, 2014 09:26 am (UTC)
haloo fellow yabunoo shipper XDD /lambai2

gapapa, makasih udah add yak, aku add balik yak? XDD

marii ~ :3
queridakeiqueridakei on June 30th, 2014 10:08 am (UTC)
yuhuuuuu...makasih jg udh mau add balik... :)
Hotaru: jack frostma_rendezvous on June 30th, 2014 12:23 pm (UTC)
sama samaaa :3 :3
shyndi_03: pic#125362346shyndi_03 on September 2nd, 2015 08:28 am (UTC)
Hai.. Watashi wa Shyndi desu~
aku tobikko Indonesia, salam kenal :D
umm, ichiban ku Yamada Ryosuke (Inoo-chan itu sanban ku), OTP ku Yamachii & Yabunoo ^o^
aku add lj mu yaa, soalnya aku pingin baca2 fanfic mu, terutama buat Yabunoo :3
well, can we be friend?
arigatou ne~
Hotaruma_rendezvous on September 2nd, 2015 02:25 pm (UTC)
halo halo, Hota disini XD
salam kenal juga, diri ini juga dari indonesia nih :3 /yaealah

sok sok, nanti aku add balik yah XD
iya mangga mangga dibaca, make yourself at home X"")
tapi otepeku cuma yabunoo sama hikanoo, jadi maap ini jurnal kebanyakan isinya cuma tentang mereka bertiga TwT semoga berkenan ya Shyndi TwT
kalo bisa kalo adapun fanfic yg uda dibaca pleeeeeaassse please komen yah (TwT) bakal jadi motivasi banget soalnya TwT

yosh~ yoroshiku onegaitashimasu! OTL
Glengary Glenros on November 29th, 2016 06:53 pm (UTC)
December is coming
You are awesome